Dramatically Boost Sales and
Work Wonders for Your Bottom Line

My specialty is writing direct response pieces like e-mail, sales letters and ads. These pieces have one purpose: force the reader to take an immediate action… they’ll click on an ad … open an email … fill out a landing page … call a phone number … and buy your product right now.

When it comes to these project, I don’t pull any punches… I write to sell. And this style of force communication will dramatically drive more inbound leads, launch sales and make your profits soar.

What’s more, when I take on your project, I don’t miss deadlines. No matter what service you need, you will have the finished copy on your desk by the deadline. You can count on it.

Copy Packages Tailored to the Needs of B2B Technology Marketers

In business-to-business marketing, you’ll often need more than letter to make the sale. You’ll need many types of  content pieces. Each expertly written and carefully mapped to the different stages of your sales cycle.

In addition to direct response copy, I’ll craft content marketing pieces just for B2B marketers.

Inbound Marketing Campaigns
to Fill Your Funnel with Leads

As a marketer, you know how important leads are to your success. That’s especially true if you sell a complex product with a long sales cycle where the sale can’t be made with one contact. Here’s how I’ll help you get fresh new leads:

  • Web copy for your website including banner and PPC ads that capture attention and drive prospects to click.
  • Landing pages to get prospects to opt-in to your marketing funnel so you can place them in your follow-up system, or hand them off to your sales team.
  • Shock and Awe Package. Many times a lead generation campaign won’t capture the attention of specific high level prospects. That’s when you need the total package to get in front of VIPs.  I’ll craft a multi-step campaign that will grab the attention of key decision makers, and secure a meeting or appointment. It works even with busy business executives.

Marketing Collateral to Help the Sales Force Sell and
Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

  • Case studies are success stories that showcase your solution solving your customers problem in an easy to read style. A well crafted case study will build credibility and help you stand out from your competitors. And with your case study you’ll get full service. I’ll interview your customer and come up with a big central idea. Then I’ll write a clear, compelling 1 to 2 page case study in feature article format using the winning Case Study Writing Sequence.
  • Product Brochures and Data Sheets are great tools to help your sales force sell. Technology products can be complex, and data sheets are detailed facts written as in-depth brochures. They can be used as a tool to answer specific technical questions. And data sheets are a great “leave behind” piece that a prospective customer can review.

Content Marketing Pieces that
Gain You Expert Status

To help you gain thought leadership, position your company as industry experts, and retain customers I’ll write you top notch content marketing pieces including…

  •  Articles, special reports and blog posts that demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. They’ll position you as knowledgeable experts to gain trust. Plus, these pieces also work very well in your lead generation campaigns.
  • Newsletters that keep your customers and prospects informed. A regular monthly newsletter is a key component to building an iron cage around your customers so they don’t stray off to the competition. And it will keep you firmly planted in your customers mind so they do business with you, and only you.

Have a marketing project? Getting me to write your next copy project is easy. The next step is to contact me and I’ll provide you a detailed project proposal.